KooDooZ Expands Its Committment to Youth Generated Content

Jun 9, 2011 4:00 PM ET

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) SANTA MONICA, CA -June 9, 2011 - KooDooZ, Inc. today announced that it has expanded its commitment to youth generated content by offering a new array of online solutions. 

According to Lee Fox, founder and Chief Innovation Officer, KooDooZ.com is emerging out of stealth by publicly showcasing youth philanthropy mash-ups. “Young people bring tremendous resources and creativity to alleviating world challenges,” said Fox. “Today we’re bringing to market our first series of features modeled off altruistic actions todays’ kids are taking around the world.”   This first commercial release of KooDooZ uses SKYE video interviews, with real kids describing how they tackle world challenges – such as teen surfing sensation Lakey Peterson sharing why the environment matters to me, and beauty queen Deidra Brunett explaining what we could do more for foster children. Eventually, Fox says, every system user will be given the opportunity to design their own site “challenges” on KooDooZ.   Open and free to all student groups, Fox believes this e-learning and social network hybrid will be a “game-changer” inside and outside classrooms. “We’re working hard to embrace the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) standards,” says Fox. “Site participants have to demonstrate a mastery of 21st century skills and creative thinking, by documenting and uploading their own spin on philanthropic-practices. At the same time the kids have fun because the learning is happening peer-to-peer and it proves that anyone at any age can make a difference.”   KooDooZ.com is delivered in a rich user graphical interface commonly experienced in popular gaming sites. Still, KooDooZ is only a “game” in so much as kids take on “challenges” and compete against themselves, one-another, other schools, etc. to “achieve change” in the world. The eventual goal is to have challenges integrated with service learning curriculum and teacher guides for classroom use.   “A key part of serving a community as diverse and vibrant as the one for which KooDooZ was designed starts with making the right investments in information technology,” said Steve Beauregard, founder of REGARD the developer and early stage investor of KooDooZ. “It’s our responsibility to make decisions that are fiscally responsible, forward-looking and improve the services for the next generation.” REGARD made the early recommendation for KooDooZ to move to Azure, a flexible cloud-computing platform which allows businesses to run across the public or private cloud, or a combination of both.   Considering that 91% of American kids (ages 6-14 years old surveyed) are interested in & care deeply about helping others and that 91% of U.S. middle school parents are looking for “after school” programs involving community service or volunteer opportunities, KooDooZ can serve both families and schools. In fact 80% of all U.S. based schools offer community-service opportunities, but have difficulties tracking the hours dedicated to these tasks. As a Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award, KooDooZ can also credit time for online and offline tasks that meet volunteerism and community service standards.   Parties interested in submitting challenge ideas should email info@KooDooZ.com   ####   about KooDooZ KooDooZ.com is a cause-based social media site purposed to give kids an opportunity to make a difference both online and in the real world. Follow KooDooZ on Facebook http://bit.ly/cause4KDZ  and on Twitter @KooDooZ   about REGARD REGARD offers professional mobile and website development services to innovative enterprise and consumer clientele. www.regard-solutions.com   KOOD14465