Kohler’s Engineering Manager Drives Innovations in Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment and Sustainability Efforts

Mar 11, 2024 11:20 AM ET

Manufacturing Engineering Manager Emmanuel Caraza spends his days innovating more environmentally friendly wastewater treatment processes for our product plating and coatings.   

As one of more than 900 Kohler Sustainability Champions around the world, Emmanuel:

  • Makes intentional decisions to reduce Kohler’s and his own environmental impact.
  • Works to incorporate environmental sustainability improvements in his business, function, and physical location.
  • Believes that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a responsibility to future generations. 

In the last five years, Emmanuel has helped to upgrade all plating lines across our China, India, and Mexico operations and integrate state-of-the-art equipment to recycle wastewater from the plating process and reduce sludge byproduct.

He also takes his passion home, where he’s reducing his personal water usage, cutting back on driving his car, and making plans to add solar panels to his house.

Here’s to the work being done each and every day to create a more sustainable future.