Kohler WasteLAB Honored With Environmental Leader Award

Annual program recognizes the most innovative and successful environment, sustainability and energy products and projects.
May 15, 2019 12:00 PM ET
Campaign: Sustainability

Kohler WasteLAB was recently named a 2019 Environmental Leader Project of the Year award winner by Business Sector Media’s Environmental Leader (EL) and Energy Manager Today (EMT).

The annual award program, in its seventh year, recognizes the most innovative and successful commercial and industrial products and projects in the environment and energy space.

WasteLAB was initiated through Kohler’s Innovation for Good program, an innovation incubator focused on developing and implementing sustainable business solutions. A motivated team, led by biomimicry expert Theresa Millard, began by evaluating the waste itself. Millard turned to the natural world for inspiration. Recognizing that there is no waste in nature, that everything is an input for another organism, the team began to ask if they could use the same idea: see each “waste” as the input or raw material for another process or product.

The group started technical trials with a small variety of waste materials including foundry dust and sand, waste enamel powder, pottery sludge and pottery floor sweepings. The lab is currently producing decorative tiles for different kinds of applications and uses, and recently collaborated with ANN SACKS the Crackle Collection

For additional information, please visit www.wastelab.kohler.com