Kohler Believing In Better Blog: We Believe In Not Letting Our Resources Slide

Kohler Believing In Better Blog: We Believe In Not Letting Our Resources Slide

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 4:30pm

CAMPAIGN: Believing In Better Blog


The new attraction at the Quassy Amusement Park & Waterpark in Middlebury, Connecticut, isn’t an adrenaline-pumping coaster or a twisting-and-turning water slide; it’s the park’s remodeled restrooms. The mission: to dramatically reduce water usage amidst the park’s growing attendance.
A winter revamp of the main restrooms left the 3.5 gallon per flush (gpf) toilets behind in favor of our 1.28 gpf models and included an upgrade to more water-efficient urinals, too.
That’s something we’ll wait in line for.
“We did our research when embarking on this project and found the KOHLER® products to be the ideal solution,” said Quassy President Eric Anderson. “Our major concern was the operation of the low-flow units not working efficiently and requiring additional flushes to clear the bowl. Kohler excels in this area.”
The family-run, family-fun park that plays host to approximately 225,000 guests a summer was a small order with a big impact; Quassy’s placement alongside a lake tangibly highlights the importance of the water conservation message.
“The impact is right there,” said Heidi Petruccelli, Senior Sales Executive at our Boston branch. “Now, every time a toilet is flushed at the park, it’s using half the amount of water it was using before. They’re easily going to save thousands of gallons of water.”


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