Kohler Believing In Better Blog: We Believe In Delivering Dignity

Jul 18, 2014 3:15 PM ET
  We’re inspired by fellow innovators, fellow dreamers, fellow think-outside-the-boxers. So when we heard about Lava Mae, a San Francisco-based program designed to deliver showers to the city’s homeless population via mobile buses, we hopped onboard to see how we could help. (Full disclosure: because plumbing happens to be one of our specialties, it wasn’t too difficult of a decision.)   The old city buses, received through a donation program, were retrofitted with KOHLER products, from showers to sinks to toilets to grab bars.   Why showers? “We believe that hygiene brings dignity, and dignity opens up opportunity,” founder Doniece Sandoval says in the program’s launch video.   This team is believing in better with each corner turned, neighborhood reached and pit stop made. We weren’t about to let this opportunity pass us by.   Learn more about Lava Mae’s journey here.     Contact 
Mirjam Lippuner mirjam.lippuner@kohler.com 920-457-4441, ext. 71125