The Knitting Factor: Tying It All Together in Celebration of Pro Bono Week

by Krista Van Tassel and Lauren Chasanoff
Oct 22, 2018 4:35 PM ET
Campaign: Pro Bono Week 2018

Last year we debuted a concept called The Knitting Factor, which helps explain how skills-based volunteering knits together the expertise from the corporate and nonprofit sectors to create sustainable solutions that don’t come undone when partners part ways. We also introduced three key ingredients to the success of The Knitting Factor: Panoramic Perspectives, Skill Sharing and Sticky Relationships. In celebration of Pro Bono Week, we wanted to share a quick review of how the Knitting Factor has worked in practice over the past year. 

An overview of The Knitting Factor, is perhaps best summarized by:

We highlighted Panoramic Perspectives or a view that looks at people beyond their titles, organizations and sectors to allow value to transcend profit by

We focused on Skill Sharing, or the idea that skills-based volunteering is a two-way talent exchange where pro bono professionals learn as much from the nonprofits they work with as those nonprofits learn from them, by

And we are closing out the year with an inside look at Sticky Relationships, or a commitment to building long-lasting partnerships that drive missions and business forward, by

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