Kiewit CEO Sees Value in Keystone XL

Fortune 500 company leader discusses the need for Keystone XL for jobs creation and economic growth
Sep 1, 2014 11:35 AM ET

Kiewit CEO sees value in Keystone XL

Like most Nebraskans, there’s a lot Bruce Grewcock loves about his state and the people who live there. “People are friendly, there’s a good, strong work ethic and people are honest,” says Grewcock, Chairman and CEO of Kiewit Corporation. “It’s a really warm friendly place to be with good solid people and I think, maybe as corny as it sounds, you can still do business with a handshake.”

From his seat at the helm of the Omaha-based, employee-owned Fortune 500 corporation, Grewcock admits that doing business with people you know is important at Kiewit. And these person-to-person relationships span multiple generations – Kiewit has a 130-year history and today is recognized as one of the world’s largest and most respected contractors.

Today, Grewcock is one of many Americans who would like to see the approval of Keystone XL, the proposed 1,179-mile crude oil pipeline that will begin in Hardisty, Alberta, and travel south to Steele City, Nebraska, where it will connect up with the same Keystone pipeline that Kiewit helped build more than five years ago. Along with transporting crude oil from Canada, the Keystone XL Pipeline will transport domestically produced US crude oil from producers in Texas, Oklahoma, Montana and North Dakota.

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