KeyCorp’s 2022 ESG Report Highlights Efforts Around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

May 2, 2023 9:00 AM ET
KeyCorp 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Originally published in Key’s 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance report

At Key, diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t just cornerstones of our culture – they are business accelerators. Advancing DE&I efforts involves a collaborative partnership between our DE&I team, Human Resources team, lines of business, and other support teams.

Each line of business is required to develop an annual DE&I action plan, which is approved by its respective Executive Leadership team leader and managed by one of the appointed DE&I champions across the organization. DE&I champions help to align line of business DE&I action plans with Key’s overall strategy. Progress against these plans is monitored monthly.

For the past year, we focused on three areas to deliver strategic and meaningful DE&I initiatives and solutions:

  1. To be the employer of choice for diverse professionals 
  2. Define concrete and uniform actions across the enterprise to drive meaningful progress toward our strategic framework 
  3. Focus on disciplined execution

We recognize this journey is not about reaching an end destination, but delivering continuous improvement, proactively raising our own bar, and addressing areas of opportunity head on. We believe each and every one of us has a role to play – in our company and in our communities.

Our DEI Strategic Framework

Workforce: Attract, engage, and develop a talented and diverse team to better reflect the communities we serve.

Workplace: For all Key employees to bring their full, authentic selves to do their best work.

Marketplace: Advance equity and inclusion in our communities by building mutually beneficial relationships with diverse clients and partners.

To learn more about Key’s DEI efforts, read the 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report here.