Key Accomplishments: Purposeful Innovation

Feb 8, 2021 5:30 PM ET

As featured in Qualcomm's 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

We believe an idea can spark change, transforming the world in extraordinary new ways.

Our inventions are the foundation of so many of the incredible advancements that are part of our wireless world today—from smartphones to tablets, to cameras and cars, to homes. Our 5G breakthroughs are helping transform industries, like telemedicine and remote education, and driving efficiencies with always-connected mobile PCs, smart cities and smart factories. These innovations have profound effects - from the positive impacts for human and machine productivity, to maximizing performance while using less power, to ultimately transforming industries and enriching lives around the world.

Reporting on the successes of our 2020 Corporate Responsibility Goals

2020 Goal: Have a comprehensive understanding of the impacts and opportunities arising from the application of our technology. 


  • 5G mobile technology will benefit entire economies and societies. The global 5G value chain could generate up to $3.8 trillion in economic output by 2035 and support up to 22.8 million jobs.1 This includes potential new innovations in telemedicine, remote education, smart factories, agriculture and autonomous vehicles.2
  • Our contributions to technology standards drive future industries by enabling system interoperability while enabling product differentiation, creating new markets and expanding existing markets, allowing for better cost efficiency, reduced market risk and improved reliability for consumers, system vendors, and inventors.
  • Our Wireless Reach programs have benefitted more than 20 million people in 48 countries on five continents through the application of our technologies across education, entrepreneurship, healthcare, public safety, and environmental sustainability. 

Introducing our 2025 Corporate Responsibility Goals

2025 Goals:

  • Enrich the lives of 27 million people by continuing to bring technology to underserved communities around the world through Qualcomm Wireless Reach.
  • Reduce power consumption by 10 percent, every year*, in our flagship Snapdragon products.

To learn more about Qualcomm’s 2025 goals and ESG performance in 2020, access the full report here

1 The 5G Economy in a Post-COVID-19 Era. IHS Markit (2020)

2 Five Industries the 5G revolution is set to disrupt. Axios and Qualcomm (2020)

*Given equivalent features.