Jump-Starting Electric Vehicle Charging in New Jersey

Feb 23, 2021 11:00 AM ET

PSE&G is helping to put New Jersey on the road to clean-running electric vehicles.

The state’s largest utility received approval from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to invest $166 million in electric vehicle charging over an expected six years. The investments are designed to accelerate the growth of EV charging infrastructure, encourage more drivers to switch to EVs, improve air quality and reduce health care costs.

“Electrifying transportation is an important component of PSEG’s Powering Progress vision for a future in which we help our customers use less energy, ensure that the energy they use is cleaner, and that energy is delivered more reliably than ever,” said Karen Reif, vice president of PSE&G’s Renewables and Energy Solutions group.

Cars, trucks and buses are the largest source of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, yet New Jersey is behind the curve on EV adoption. The scarcity of EV charging breeds “range anxiety,’’ the fear of running out of power before finding a place to plug in. It’s the No. 1 factor that discourages more people from going electric.

PSE&G’s program is designed to make it easier to drive and charge electric vehicles by supporting the infrastructure for charging equipment at single-family homes, multifamily buildings, government facilities and at publicly-accessible parking lots. The program also will support fast charging infrastructure along high-traffic corridors such as the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway that can charge an EV to 80% power in around 15 minutes.

It is also expected to avoid 14 million metric tons of carbon emissions through 2035, reduce air pollution linked to lung disease and other ailments and create about 400 direct and indirect jobs.

The New Jersey Energy Master Plan prioritizes electrifying transportation as a key strategy to improve the state’s air quality and reduce health care costs. PSE&G’s EV program marks another step toward achieving Governor Phil Murphy’s clean energy vision for New Jersey.

At hearings in October before New Jersey regulators, elected officials, a union representative, private companies and environmental groups testified in support of PSE&G’s EV proposal. Others submitted letters in support of the EV initiative.

Approval of the EV program follows a BPU decision in September to green light PSE&G’s
$1 billion investment in energy efficiency, and its approval earlier this month of a settlement allowing PSE&G to invest approximately $700 million to provide its 2.3 million electric customers with smart meters. Each of these programs will advance PSE&G’s landmark Clean Energy Future proposal, an initiative designed to lower energy costs, reduce air pollution, create jobs and help make New Jersey a leader in clean energy.

“A lack of public and private charging stations has discouraged New Jersey drivers from making the switch to electric vehicles,’’ said Dawn Neville, manager-electric transportation for PSE&G. “Our proposal is designed to address that concern and promote EV adoption, a critical component of New Jersey’s clean energy agenda.”

The remaining vehicle innovation portion of our EV proposal to support medium and heavy-duty vehicles such as school buses and commercial trucks, as well as our energy storage proposal, are pending before the NJBPU. 

For more details, visit psegpoweringprogress.com/electric-vehicles/.

More information about PSEG’s commitment to environmental leadership can be found in its Sustainability Report and ESG Performance Report