Introducing Brave One: An Agency for the Cause Generation

Brave One Agency specializes in Cause Marketing, Cause Branding and CSR Communications
Dec 19, 2011 3:45 PM ET

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) Northampton, MA - December 19, 2011 - Brave One is a newly formed communications agency dedicated to helping socially and environmentally conscious organizations convey their core values. “We work with companies that realize today’s social and environmental problems are today’s business opportunities.” said Brave One Co-Founder Lukas B. Snelling. “Our clients believe as we do; that confronting social and environmental problems is a necessity for any company ready to play a serious role in the post-recession economy.”

Co-Founders Lukas Snelling and Jesse Mayhew have in-depth backgrounds in Cause Marketing and CSR Communications, respectively. Mayhew is quick to state that he feels these two terms are presently taking on far broader meanings. “Traditionally ‘Cause Marketing’ refers to either the cooperative efforts of a for-profit and a non-profit, or simply to the marketing efforts of a non-profit. But today if you look at what many companies are doing, you see a form of cause marketing that is synonymous with the company’s general marketing efforts and brand. Donating shoes isn’t part of TOMS’ CSR policy, for example, it simply is part of who they are. It forms their core value and identity.” Mayhew feels certain that, in the near future, more and more corporations will begin to unite their cause marketing and general marketing under one banner. “Brave One is here to help encourage and facilitate this next stage of cause marketing.”   Working with both for-profits as well as non-profits, Brave One helps organizations of all shapes and sizes to cultivate new strengths and strategies for the new economy. “For-profit companies aren’t the only organizations facing serious change.” said Snelling. “Moving forward, non-profits will have to adopt newer, more innovative means of promoting their efforts. Integrating social media is just one of the many challenges non-profits are currently facing.”   Brave One was founded by Lukas B. Snelling and Jesse Mayhew. With over a decade of combined experience within the world of corporate social responsibility and cause marketing, Mayhew and Snelling’s unified expertise grants Brave One an extensive list of services.   Prior to forming Brave One, Jesse Mayhew was Chief Copywriter and Principal of CSRcopy, a communications firm dedicated to helping corporations with their CSR and sustainability initiatives. Jesse has written and consulted for a vast range of corporations and non-profits, including Energizer, Public Address System, Freeworld Media, Article 13 and many more. He is the author of Corporate Storytelling and Your CSR Strategy, a highly regarded industry report detailing best practices in cause marketing and social media strategy. Jesse’s writings on Corporate Social Responsibility have appeared in The Washington Post as well as 3Bl Media.   An expert in digital media and communications, Lukas began his career at CBS where he served as Director of Digital Media. While serving as Director, he was the recipient of the Web Marketing Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development. Lukas eventually left CBS to form his own marketing consultancy, Digital Media Army, a consulting company dedicated to helping businesses increase revenue through effective online communication.   While still at CBS Lukas founded the Green Radio Initiative, a program that created actionable messages for audiences to embrace more sustainable lifestyles across the full CBS portfolio of assets. Lukas has overseen national media campaigns for both fortune 500 companies as well as non-profits, and advised corporate executives on their PR and communications strategies - particularly in matters related to environmental initiatives. He has assisted numerous organizations in the creation of press, fundraising, sales and marketing materials.   A native Vermonter, Lukas currently serves as Executive Director of Energize Vermont, a non-profit dedicated to seeking alternative energy solutions that are in keeping with the unique character of his home state. Recently Lukas was nominated as a rising star in Vermont Business Magazine’s ‘40 under 40.’   Brave Ones Services include PR and communications, copywriting and design, digital and social media strategy, as well as brand research and development. Their services are available through a long-term retainer relationship, as well as individual projects. Brave One is out of the gate with an impressive list of clients, including the non-profits Global Impact and Energize Vermont, as well as for-profit companies such as Cleo, Compass Group North America, and Capital One.   About Brave One
Brave One is a communications agency dedicated to serving today’s most daring and defiant businesses. From the earliest stages of strategy and research, through brand building and development, to the execution of day-to-day marketing efforts, Brave One is there every step of the way to assure your organization is optimally communicating its core values.   For more information about Brave One, please visit