Brave One Announces New Service to Answer the Age-Old Question: What’s the ROI of your CSR?

The ORBIT Assessment, a new service from Brave One Agency helps corporations to maximize the business advantage of their CSR efforts
May 16, 2012 2:15 PM ET

(3BL Media) Holyoke, MA - May 16, 2012 - The standard question most executives ask about their company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts is whether they can expect to see a return from those investments in the form of a notable business advantage. Seeking to eradicate this question from boardrooms everywhere, Brave One, a digital marketing agency specializing in CSR communications, announced their new service today that assesses CSR efforts, tracks their related communications, and ultimately provides recommendations on how to track and increase ROI across all stakeholder segments. The service is called the ORBIT Assessment.

“ORBIT is a five-step process that affords us a comprehensive, three hundred and sixty degree view of a client’s past and present attempts at communicating their corporate citizenship,” said Brave One Principal and Co-Founder Jesse Mayhew. “Once our thorough appraisal is complete, we present action plans that will advise on new communication programs, channels, strategies, and policies.”

ORBIT’s five steps are embedded in the service’s name and include Overview, Research, Briefing, Integration and Tracking.

“Once we have familiarized ourselves fully with an organization’s CSR efforts, we advise on improvements to internal, business-to-consumer, and investor communications,” said Brave One Principal and Co-Founder Lukas B. Snelling.  “Our resources allow us to execute on our recommendations through content creation, asset development, and project management.”

“It’s our hope that ORBIT will help to ensure socially responsible corporations are doing everything they can to communicate their core values to their stakeholders,” continued Mayhew. “While there are organizations operating today that audit companies from a values perspective, these organizations are not necessarily helping corporations to effectively communicate these values – or leverage the competitive advantage they afford.”

You can download a free PDF detailing Brave One’s ORBIT Assessment by clicking here.


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Brave One is a digital marketing agency that works with sustainable and socially responsible companies. We develop compelling content that connects to your consumer’s core values through cohesive PR, marketing, and social media strategies. By working with our clients to define their sustainable advantage, our campaigns leverage mission-driven efforts into bottom-line results.

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