International Day of Charity - Celebrating our Philanthropic Efforts

International Day of Charity - Celebrating our Philanthropic Efforts

By Lora Phillips, Symantec's Senior Manager, Global Corporate Responsibility

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Symantec is a key partner at Swedish non-profit Friends annual Manifest Against Bullying Event in Stockholm, educating parents and kids on how to protect against cyberbullying.

There are numerous ways to get involved with one of our philanthropic partnerships or volunteer efforts! If you are interested please contact

Friday, September 12, 2014 - 7:25am

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International Day of Charity, each year on September 5th, the anniversary of the passing of Mother Theresa, the UN asks the world to recognize and celebrate the vast impacts that charitable giving has on our world’s most pressing issues.

At Symantec, philanthropy and charitable giving is core to our mission to protect and manage information so that everyone is free to focus on achieving their goals. In FY14, we donated approximately USD $28 million in cash and software to more than 20,000 nonprofit organizations globally, and employee volunteering increased by 23 percent over FY13 and 73 percent over FY12. We continue to explore ways to increase not only the amount of time and money we contribute, but the impacts of our contributions through a focus on skills-based volunteering that enables our employees to donate their expert skills to maximizing social impact.

Across the world, we are involved in numerous partnerships that enable us to donate vital time and resources to local communities, and our employees are also spearheading their own efforts. Our activities are driven by a tailored community investment strategy, which aligns to four key areas serving the objective of creating a sustainable and diverse future for the technology industry...

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