Industry Insights: Employee Giving + Volunteering = Happy Employees + Higher Profits

Jun 30, 2015 10:00 AM ET
Industry data shows corporate philanthropy drives profits.

Industry Insights: Employee Giving + Volunteering = Happy Employees + Higher Pr…

Corporations across America are steadily and surely morphing their workplaces to better accommodate changing employee demographics and attitudes. As millennials and younger baby boomers make up a larger chunk of the workforce, employers find the ground shifting below their feet. Where, earlier, employers held almost all the cards and virtually dictated hiring, firing, compensation, benefits and workplace policies, today’s new worker mindset has shifted the reins from employer to employee… so, now, workplace policies are set to match employee needs and anything deemed less than fair to employees risks being met with harsh criticism and backlash – by employees, the community and activists – using highly effective social media to right wrongs.

This shift in employer attitudes over the past few years is also evident in CECP’s Giving in Numbers Brief 2015 that is based on input from 271 multi-billion-dollar companies with $8.3 trillion in combined sales, including 67 on the Fortune 100 list. The report shows a steady increase in corporate philanthropy over the past few years, to a point of stability in giving rates which reflects organizations increasingly aligning with the do good values of a younger generation of workers. Read more.