Spread the Holiday Cheer with Employee Volunteer Programs

Take This Time of Year to Plan A Year-Long Giving Program
Dec 3, 2015 11:00 AM ET

Spread Holiday Cheer with Employee Volunteer Programs

The benefits of starting a corporate volunteer program are myriad. It increases leadership skills in your core workforce, it attracts young talent and it generates goodwill among employees and consumers and potential clients, not to mention the community. What’s more is that, among other valuable benefits, corporate volunteer programs have been shown to reduce employee turnover by as much as 50% and increase productivity by at least 13%. If you haven’t yet instituted a corporate volunteer program, you might consider this holiday season as the perfect time to start! Consider the next few months your “beta” program to prove the ROI of corporate volunteerism!

Of course, non-profits and charities operate year-round and have continuous needs that organizations can fill by volunteering, but here are some great ways to kick it off during the holiday season, when almost everyone is in the mood to give.

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Looking to start an employee giving program during the busy holiday season?

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