Increased Recycling Capabilities

Oct 20, 2017 12:00 PM ET

The recycling needs of the communities we serve are constantly evolving — and we have to evolve with them. Republic is making consistent, strategic investments in our sorting technologies and infrastructure to ensure that our facilities are capable of meeting the sustainability goals of the communities and businesses we serve.

Last year, we invested over $13 million in new recycling capabilities at select recycling centers, even as others in the industry reduced or eliminated their investments.

Our recycling business delivered over $420 million in revenue in 2016, while opening doors to sustainability-minded customers and contracts across the country and reducing more than 15 million tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) compared to the use of virgin materials.

We will continue to invest in recycling and we are committed to helping our customers do the right thing for the planet and to meet their environmental responsibility goals. However, due to the cyclical nature of recycled commodities markets, this business can be challenging during the down cycles. Republic remains committed to working with private industry and our customers, including local municipalities and businesses, to educate and provide simple solutions that ensure recycling is effective and available for generations to come. We believe there is a path forward to achieve this vision, but it will require deliberate and sustained cooperation among all stakeholders.

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