Improving Our Footprint, One Mug, One Planet at a Time

Improving Our Footprint, One Mug, One Planet at a Time

Chris Abess, Symantec's Vice President, Sales & Marketing Operations (SMO)​ and Global Green Team Executive Champion

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Cheryl Ng, Jacqueline Lee, Gracia Santos, Kok Siong Wong, Mun Kong Jay, Vivien Oh, and Zeenath Ali - Singapore

Traci Kent - Springfield, OR

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 - 8:00am

On Earth Day this year, we launched the One Mug, One Planet” campaign to help reduce waste across our operations and encourage all employees to think about the impacts they make both inside and outside the office. Additionally, the campaign supports our corporate-wide goal to reduce paper cup usage by 15%, and to achieve 80% waste diversion at all of our audited sites.

Our goal for the “One Mug, One Planet” campaign is 1,000 pledges signed across Symantec, and 10% of employees at sites that have opted in to join this campaign.

The campaign has been a huge success and since our launch we’ve received 823 pledges from multiple countries across the world, including the United States, Mexico, England, South Africa, and India. We’ve also received over 50 Mug Shots! Here are a few of our favorites...

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