Improve the Quality of Your CSR Report: Introducing GRI’s New Disclosure Review Service

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Jan 15, 2018 11:00 AM ET
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GRI’s new Disclosure Review Service helps companies improve the quality of their sustainability report – both now and for future reporting cycles. Find out how it could help you improve your report’s content.​

​As a sustainability professional, you want to make sure that your report is of the highest quality. Responding to interest from clients, we are proud to launch a new GRI service that fills a much-needed gap in the market: GRI’s new Disclosure Review Service is designed to help organizations improve the content of their report by reviewing specific disclosures and determine whether the organization has responded to the information requests from the requirements outlined in the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards).
The Disclosure Review Service covers a selection of 10 disclosures, strategically selected to address an organization’s approach towards stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment, thus aiming to improve the overall quality of the report. More disclosures will be added later this year, extending the service to include management approach disclosures.
Organizations that successfully complete the service will receive an organizational mark, with an accompanying statement, to be used in their report – something highly valued by our customers.
What does the Disclosure Review Service involve?

In the service, GRI reviews an organization’s draft report, either in accordance with or referencing the GRI Standards, and assesses what the organization has reported on the select disclosures from GRI 102: General Disclosures.
Based on this, acting as one of the stakeholders, GRI will provide detailed feedback that guides the client to better respond to the information requests set out in the GRI Standards. A final feedback report, focusing on the application of the GRI Materiality and Stakeholder Inclusiveness Principles, will help the organization prepare for future reporting cycles.
The Disclosure Review Service is the newest addition to GRI’s portfolio of report services. The intention is to eventually phase out the Content Index and Materiality Disclosure Services, and replace it with this one, which adds greater value to the reporting cycle.
"Improving the quality of sustainability reporting is one of GRI's key focus areas," explains Shivani Rajpal, Head of Services at GRI. "The improvements that organizations will be able to make by using GRI's new Disclosure Review Service will increase the transparency needed to build a better world."
As Nivia Giuffre, Sustainability Strategy Coordinator  at LandCorp, one of the organizations that participated in the test phase of the service said, “At LandCorp we are committed to improving our sustainability reporting. The GRI Disclosure Review Service looked at 10 key disclosures and provided more information on the Materiality and Stakeholder Inclusiveness principles. The clear feedback on the disclosures ensured we addressed every information request as set out by the requirements in the GRI Standards. It also highlighted areas, particularly on the principles, that we could clarify and improve in our next reporting cycle."
How to get started

Any organization that produces a report in accordance with or referencing the GRI Standards can use this service. When you have a draft of your report, before it has been designed or when you have the responses to the 10 disclosures from the service, you can send it for review. Join now for this service to lead the way in sustainability reporting! It takes an estimated four to eight weeks to complete the review, so you are encouraged to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

The first-year introductory price for the Disclosure Review Service is €4,000 for SMEs and not-for-profit organizations and €5,000 for other organizations.
For more information about the program and how to join, please visit GRI’s Disclosure Review Service web page.

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