Impact Crash Course: How to Advance Your Organization’s Outcomes Measurement Maturity

Oct 19, 2016 4:15 PM ET

Be honest: Is your impact story more about what your organization gave and funded rather than what changed because of your investment? In our latest paper, you’ll learn about our five stages of outcomes measurement maturity and what you can do to advance your organization’s ability to prove your impact to your internal and external stakeholders. You will walk away with:

  • Insight into where your organization’s current outcomes capacity lies
  • The ability to identify at least one way to improve and grow your organization’s outcome maturity level
  • A clear picture of how funders and nonprofits can do more good, better, through improved impact measurement and storytelling.

Our purpose is to provide you with useful information and insight to support you in furthering your mission in this changing world of giving. Ready to grow your organization’s outcomes capacity and make a great impact? Download the paper today.

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