How To Take Cause Marketing from "Feel Good" to "Real Good"

How To Take Cause Marketing from "Feel Good" to "Real Good"

A New Approach to Do More Good with Cause Marketing

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Doing well by doing good: it’s not just a corporate catch phrase or nice-to-do anymore, it’s a must do for a growing number of businesses. A growing number of consumers expect businesses to not only “do good” but to provide opportunities for them to give back to causes that resonate with them.  And to be more open, innovative and collaborative about how they do it.  Research shows that cause is a purchase trigger and that consumers want more cause marketing offers.  Yet many current cause marketing campaigns are hindered by me-too cause marketing.  So how can cause marketing be more compelling to consumers (not to mention, deliver more impact for charities and businesses alike?) Here's a new approach to cause marketing to Do More Good.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - 12:15pm