How Dell, Tetra Pak, and the University of Cambridge Integrated the SDGs Into Business Operations

Mar 21, 2018 9:00 AM ET
In a recent ground-breaking webinar on “Activating the SDGs into business operations”, 3 senior leaders from Dell, Tetra Pak, and the University of Cambridge shared their experiences and strategies to successfully integrate the SDGs into business strategy.   From the discussion, it was clear that to meet the SDGs is highly complex, but being able to know what shift in thinking and operations across both the business and industry is needed is now crucial.   Click here to receive the complimentary recordings   This webinar covered:
  • Where to start: Picking the right SDGs to suit your business
  • Identify the right partners to drive this change; internal departments, NGOs, academia, start-ups and competitors
  • Discover how businesses are forecasting these future positive impacts on business, the industry, society and environment
Click here to receive the complimentary recordings

Media Contact:
Candy Telani Anton
Head of Europe | Ethical Corporation
0207 375 7162

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