How to Compare International Employee Giving and Volunteering Solutions

10 capabilities your provider needs to deliver on
Sep 13, 2017 3:15 PM ET

How to compare international employee giving and volunteering solutions

Looking for a solution provider for an international giving and volunteering program for your company? Take a deep breath. There’s a lot to think about. Languages offered. On-the-ground vetting in global locations. Accurate and rapid disbursement in multiple currencies. Foreign regulatory requirements. Scalable technology. And much more. But here’s help! This quick guide lets you know the capabilities your international Goodness solution provider needs to deliver to enable a successful program that will engage your employees at home and around the world while delivering maximum social impact where it’s needed most. And to make it even easier, we provide the questions (39 of them) you need to ask to help make an apples to apples comparison of providers. Now breathe easy.  

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