How To Bring Ideas for Sustainable Solutions to Life – With Henkel and “The Do School”

Feb 1, 2024 10:30 AM ET

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To find sustainable solutions for the future, we need to support all the good ideas that people around the world have, and we need to encourage them to put these ideas into practice. This is the idea behind “the Do School”. They work with companies to create business opportunities, experiment with concrete ideas for sustainable action and network with like-minded people and experts to drive sustainable change. This has resulted in Henkel's Sustainability Incubator Lab – an online learning program for selected participants within Henkel to develop and work on sustainable business ideas.  
In this episode, Janine talks to Anna Rojan, Senior Program Designer at “the Do School”, and Aleksandra Zolkowska, Digital Marketing Specialist at Henkel, about how we can explore new opportunities, create impact and drive sustainable change.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why “the Do School” was founded
  • What the Henkel Sustainability Incubator Lab is
  • How we can become more creative and solution-oriented


  • Anna Rojan, Senior Program Designer at “the Do School”
  • Aleksandra Zolkowska, Digital Marketing Specialist at Henkel

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