Heroes Welcome

Feb 1, 2012 4:45 PM ET

Network for Good Blog

by Kate_NFG 

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are calling all superheroes to help end one of the worst famines in over 60 years in the Horn of Africa. Network for Good is proud to be the giving partner for the ‘We Can Be Heroes’ campaign, which launched last Monday, January 23rd and supports the relief work of Mercy Corps, Save the Children and the International Rescue Committee.

The superheroes in the DC Comics Justice League – Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman among them  – are well-suited to tackle humanitarian crises, but even more importantly, they inspire and motivate their legions of fans to join the League and support the cause. Warner Bros. and DC Comics are to be commended for using the superhero platform to raise awareness for a disaster affecting people halfway around the globe, particularly because the “We Can Be Heroes’ campaign reprises a longer-term commitment to hunger relief. In 1986, DC Comics released a comic book entitled 'Heroes Against Hunger' and proceeds benefited Ethiopian famine relief.

Watch the video.

Here’s what the campaign got right:

1. Authentic brand tie-in (Superheroes fighting injustice makes perfect sense.)

2. Coordinated relationship with 3 respected, trusted nonprofit partners

3. Call to action that answers the 4 questions and speaks to the individual:

  • “Why me?” (One small act can make you a hero.)

  • “Why now?” (Worst famine in 60 years.)

  • “What for?” (Support ongoing work by 3 nonprofit partners on the ground.)

  • “Who says?” (The Justice League! And everyday people like you featured in the video.)

4. Incentives to motivate action (Donations matched 100% up to $1 million.)

5. Embedded social sharing – and more importantly compelling content (video, merchandise) to share

6. Tangible giving levels that illustrate how a donation will be used

7. Meaningful means to cultivate fans (newsletter and social networks) in a conversation about doing good together

8. Inclusive of both consumers and employees.

Learn more at www.joinwecanbeheroes.org.   Kate Olsen originally published this post on the Network for Good Blog. To read the post on that site or to see more work by Kate Olsen, click here.