GRI New Global Reporting Standards Released

Jun 6, 2016 2:00 PM ET

The Global Reporting Institute (GRI) has released a new draft of Sustainability Reporting Guidelines that will be adopted by the Global Sustainability Standard Board (GSSB) by November. This second draft is open for public comment until July 17th. 30 different topic-specific standards have been released; topics include anti-corruption, child labor, emissions, and biodiversity.

Once finalized, the GRI Standards will replace the GRI G4 Guidelines, the most widely used guidelines for sustainability reporting worldwide. Organizations can prepare sustainability reports according to GRI Standards or alternatively report on specific topics using the relevant guidelines.

With the increased flexibility of the GRI Standards, reporting will become increasingly easier and more accessible for large, medium and small enterprises. Successful reporting requires data collection from all tiers of the supply chain and intensive supplier engagement. To learn more about various reporting categories, from anti-trafficking to conflict minerals, as well as tips for successful reporting, click here.