The Greening of Nonprofits

The Greening of Nonprofits

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 - 6:27pm


Just how green is the nonprofit sector? The Taproot Foundation began asking grant applicants whether or not they have environmental policies. Based on 865 applications submitted to Taproot between September and December, only 26% of nonprofits said yes.

Aaron Hurst, President and Founder of Taproot, is hoping that by posing the question to applicants, his foundation will put the environmental issue on the agendas of nonprofit boards and management, much the way foundations have helped to drive diversity and inclusion among staff and board members at nonprofits. "We are forcing the conversation at the board and staff level," Hurst told me. "We can be change agents."

When asked about their environmental policies, most of the nonprofits that have policies indicated that they had a basic statement, rather than an actual operating plan. How do for-profits fare compared to nonprofits?

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