Green Team Series – Walk. Bike. Bus. Pool. Click. Symantec Wins Eugene/Springfield Business Commute Challenge!

By Robin Carl, Symantec’s Senior IT Business Analyst
Jul 3, 2014 8:30 AM ET
Symantec employees Johanna Laemle (Green Team Lead), Robin Carl (Internal Green Team Lead) and Jim Swallow show off the company’s award for winning the Eugene-Springfield region’s annual Business Commute Challenge. Over 175 teams took part in this year’s challenge.

Green Team Series – Walk. Bike. Bus. Pool. Click. Symantec Wins Eugene/Springfi…

This week we bring you a two-part series highlighting activities across our Green Teams. These are just a snapshot of the numerous activities our Green Teams are contributing to every day ranging from volunteering in local communities to spearheading campus-wide sustainability efforts.

Today we begin with a post on our Springfield office’s recent award for sustainable commuting. Following we will bring you an update on the Green Team’s One Mug, One Planet campaign. 

Last month, over 200 Symantec employees at our Springfield office participated in the region’s annual Business Commute Challenge (BCC), and helped our office win in the category for the largest sized companies!

The BCC is an annual week-long, friendly competition amongst local area Eugene-Springfield businesses to promote low impact forms of commuting and challenge companies to save the most non-drive alone trips in one week. The competition brings employers and workplace teams together to turn the daily commute into a transportation adventure.

This year more than 1,932 local employees formed 175 teams to participate in the BCC. In just one week, BCC participants reduced single-person car travel by 68,987 miles, saving 70,234 pounds of carbon dioxide.

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