Green Startup Success Course Helps Eco-entrepreneurs Build a Better Tomorrow

Opening the Doors to the Green Economy With Global Eco-Crowdsourcing
Jun 9, 2010 11:00 AM ET

Green Startup Success Course Helps Eco-entrepreneurs Build a Better Tomorrow

In recent weeks the oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon spill has imposed a great cost on the lives of people and ecosystems throughout the region. The oiled pelicans, idled fishing boats, and dead turtles we’ve seen so far are just the beginning – the impact of the spill will be with us for months and years to come.  Green entrepreneurs are delivering solutions for this and a host of other problems though, creating a better future with help from programs like the Green Startup Success Program at the Earth Savers Institute.

While BP has struggled with the spill, entrepreneurs, businesses, and inventors have responded with a wealth of ideas for how to meet this challenge. Whether it is “Oil Island”, using hair to mop up the oil, or clogging the leak like a clogged artery, the crowdsourced solutions provide a much-needed fresh perspective on this massive problem.    The green business world is all about finding solutions for problems like the Gulf oil spill, crowdsourcing the solutions on the biggest scale imaginable. The environmental challenges we face are huge, and fixing problems like the Gulf oil spill is just the start.  The oil spill reminds us of the true cost of burning fossil fuels, and reenergize the drive to replace them with clean and renewable alternatives.  The next generation of innovative autos like the Nissan Leaf or the Chevy Volt are increasingly powered by electricity instead of oil.  We need cost effective clean renewable energy from solar, wind, and other resources.  We need green buildings, better ways of farming, clean transportation, and a transformation of our whole economy to last for the long term and preserve a livable planet for future generations.    Taking on these challenges is not for any one person or group or even one government acting alone.  As big as these problems are, as great as the challenges are, they are no match for the energy and creativity of green entrepreneurs around the world, and the best solutions often come from the extraordinary contributions of ordinary people like those contributing ideas for solving the oil spill.    As more people recognize that we have no choice but to preserve this planet that we all share, they are getting into action by inventing products and founding businesses that deliver solutions. The business world is an essential part of delivering these solutions on the scale needed, transforming not just a small segment of the economy, but the whole economy.    With opportunities this huge, there is room for people from every background to be a part of this green business revolution.  Helping people start the next generation of green businesses to deliver solutions was what got me started writing “75 Green Businesses” and “Starting Green”.   For people who want to get involved and be a part of the solution but aren’t sure where to start and how to put all of the pieces together, I’m also working with the Earth Savers Institute to launch our new course, the Green Startup Success Program, helping green businesses to start building a better world by solving eco-challenges like these. The course is available for a limited time on-line at, with easy availability and low cost making the course accessible to practically everyone. The course launches on June 10, 2010 with an overview of the green business opportunities in a broad range of fields, including energy, building, water, food, services, and many others. Whatever your background is, there is an opportunity in the green business world waiting for you to make it happen. The question is not whether there are opportunities you can pursue, but which opportunity is best for you.   “The Earth Savers Institute is the largest green virtual school and also the most authentic because we work with credible, experienced, and passionate instructors such as Glenn Croston,” said Scott Cardinal, founder of the Earth Savers Institute & the Earth Savers League. “EZ Green Biz is the latest example of how we are on the forefront of new ways to reach eco business people and greentrepreneurs”

Sign up on the Easy Green Biz website ( for the details. For less than a dollar a day in the course, you can review the course materials as long as needed, and at the end you’ll receive a wealth of free bonuses from the Earth Savers Institute, material that cannot be found anywhere else.

  Those completing the course and advancing their business are helping to transform our whole economy to a green economy, leading to a time when there are no businesses because all businesses are green, when there is no green living, just simply living.  The future is green - I'll see you there. About Starting Up Green and Glenn Croston

Glenn Croston is a noted expert on green business strategy and best practices. The author of the books 75 Green Businesses and Starting Green, he has been featured in the LA Times, the New York Times,,, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, hundreds of blogs, and other print, internet, and radio outlets.

A regular speaker at green events and sustainability consultant, Croston lays out the greatest green opportunities of our time, the business case for sustainability, and how people from every background can do the right thing for themselves and for our planet by building a successful and profitable green business.

As the founder of Starting Up Green, Glenn Croston is helping the next generation of green entrepreneurs from cleantech inventors to stay-at-home moms to join the sustainable business revolution today. For more information visit

About Earth Savers Institute

The Earth Savers Institute is the Official Training Affiliate of Green Earth Corporate Kindness Organization (GECKO), which is a 501(C) 3 (tax-exempt) non-profit corporation dedicated to helping businesses & non-profits become better stewards of the environment. GECKO is perhaps the only Non-Profit organization in the

United States with the sole mandate of helping companies & non-profits improve their environmental practices. Their collective MISSION is to help companies & non-profits improve their environmental practices and address the remarkable need for affordable environmental education & change assistance. For more information, visit and their online Campus and their blog.


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