Got E-Waste? Throw it on this Million Pound Pile.

Got E-Waste? Throw it on this Million Pound Pile.

Verizon has collected more than 1 million lbs of e-Waste through its Recycling Rallies

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At a Verizon Recycling Rally yesterday in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Verizon's employee volunteer Green Team surpassed its goal of collecting 1 million pounds of e-waste. The next goal: collecting another million pounds by 2015. Verizon's Chief Sustainability Officer James Gowen blogs about reaching this milestone on Verizon's Responsibility Blog.

Friday, October 12, 2012 - 9:00am

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Here’s a bit of good green news: At a Verizon Recycling Rally today West Chester, Pennsylvania, we surpassed our goal of collecting 1 million pounds of e-waste since we started the rallies in 2009.

The disposal of old electronic devices is a growing environmental problem. This recent infographic from Holy Kaw! details the extent of the e-waste problem in America, which includes more than 1 million tons of discarded TVs in one year.

To help keep these electronics out of landfills, Verizon’s Green Team has been holding a series of public recycling rallies around the country since 2009. Today in West Chester, our employees helped stack up the e-waste brought in by local community members, including more than 100 dated TVs from a local school -- all of which will be recycled and disposed of in an environmentally sound way.

How much is 1 million pounds? More than the International Space Station weighs, which is the size of a football field — including the end zones.

Our Recycling Rallies are just one of the many green initiatives at Verizon. From our mobile phone trade in program to our energy management projects, we are committed to a big sustainability goal: cutting our carbon intensity in half by 2020.

Many thanks go to all those that joined us today, especially our all-volunteer Green Team for manning these and many other events. And to keep our momentum going, we have committed to collecting another 1 million pounds of e-waste by 2015.

So before you watch your next football game on your new hi-def flat-screen, be sure you prevent that old TV from ending up in a landfill. Stay tuned to our Responsibility Blog, where you can find information about our upcoming Recycling Rallies.


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