Goldcorp Supports Diversity with Sponsorship of Canada Women’s Rugby

Apr 16, 2015 10:00 AM ET

Goldcorp is pleased to announce a three year sponsorship agreement with Rugby Canada’s National Senior Women’s Fifteens team and the National Senior Women’s Sevens team. This agreement marks the first time Goldcorp has sponsored a national all-female sporting team, underlines the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of diversity and supports one of the company’s core values of ”empowering others”.

Much like the mining sector, rugby is traditionally viewed as a men’s game. But the number of female rugby players is growing, with more than 25,000 women already registered across Canada, and this number is expected to grow even more moving forward.

“We are excited and fortunate to have Goldcorp join Rugby Canada as an official sponsor,” Rugby Canada’s Chief Executive Officer Graham Brown said. “We are looking forward to beginning our relationship with Goldcorp and working together to support women in sport.”

The Canadian Women Fifteens Team has achieved unprecedented success over the past year. Heading into the 2014 Women’s World Cup tournament ranked sixth, the team stunned rugby fans around the world by defeating France in the semi-final to record their first ever final berth against England in Paris.

The performances of the team on the world stage helped increase visibility of the sport and local rugby clubs across Canada saw an increase in interest from women wanting to participate in rugby. Canada eventually lost out to England 21-9 in the final, with Canadian winger Magali Harvey being named the International Rugby Board IRB Women's Player of the Year after the game.

“We are committed to supporting women’s initiatives and equal opportunities,” Goldcorp’s Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Brent Bergeron said. “Rugby Canada’s values are aligned with our belief that diversity extends beyond gender. The women’s national teams are made up of a diverse group of players expanding across a range of ages, ethnic origins, religions and education-levels. These teams also display the same qualities that we continually seek as a company, such as respect, leadership, strength, teamwork, agility and perseverance.”

Goldcorp is no stranger to challenging the gender status quo, as demonstrated when the company launched Creating Choices in 2010. Creating Choices is a training, development and mentoring program designed to engage, support and develop the full potential of the women of Goldcorp, both professionally and personally.

Andrea Burk, a Goldcorp IT-contractor and Canada Women’s Fifteens player, says: "In my involvement with both organizations, it is evident that both maintain world class people and standards. It is extremely motivating to work in a place where I can learn from so many accomplished leaders, both male and female every day."

We wish the teams the best of luck in their upcoming tournaments!