GM China Has Birds-Eye View of Wetland Preservation

Nov 27, 2013 9:00 AM ET


Wetlands are important to birds.

Used as a place to breed, nest, and rear their young, wetlands are also vital to the avian population when it comes to resting,  seeking shelter, or just engaging in social interaction with their feathered friends.

And since birds are sort of a big deal when it comes to keeping the planet balanced, it’s in our best interest to ensure they have somewhere to rest on their long journeys.

That’s why our employees in China recently teamed up with members of the media and local volunteers to educate those who live near the Shanghai Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve.  It’s part of a three-year program called “Restoring Nature’s Habitat” that seeks to help improve ecology, protect biodiversity and educate the public on the importance of preserving the environment.

“The wetland is a key habitat, breeding ground and wintering place for migratory birds flying between East Asia and Australia,” said Zhang Zele, deputy director of the Administrative Office at the Shanghai Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve.

We first talked about this resource preservation program on the blog in 2012. GM China seeks to help all three reserves (including Panjin Shuangtai Hekou National Nature Reserve in Liaoning province and the Changdao National Nature Reserve in Shandong province) to promote environmental awareness.

GM China Director of Public Policy David Lake said, “GM China is committed to building a greener, safer and healthier community. Through the GM Restoring Nature’s Habitat Project, we will continue spreading the word about the importance of protecting the habitat of migratory birds.”