GlobeScan's 2010 Canadian CSR Monitor

GlobeScan's 2010 Canadian CSR Monitor

Insights with a Canadian Lens on Sustainability
Monday, March 15, 2010 - 10:00am

GlobeScan's 2010 Canadian CSR Monitor
May 13, 1pm - 2pm EST, Webinar

How do Canadian consumers perceive company CSR performance today? Review the latest data with Chris Coulter of GlobeScan Incoporated at the launch of the 2010 Canadian CSR Monitor.

The CSR Monitor is a research-based management tool that tracks perceptions that can inform CSR strategy development, and supports companies to make informed decisions on initiatives, strategies, and communications for their CSR programs.

Chris Coulter, Vice President, Strategic Development, GlobeScan Incorporated
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Barb Steele, Director of Membership, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR)
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Canadian Business for Social Responsibility is a non-profit CSR consultancy and peer-to-peer learning organization working with companies across Canada to improve their social, environmental and economic performance.

GlobeScan Incorporated  delivers research-based insight to companies, governments, multilaterals, and NGOs in pursuit of a prosperous and sustainable world and have been providing reliable public opinion and stakeholder research and strategic counsel to clients since 1987.

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