Global Trends in Sustainability Reporting: One Planet Coming Together Sustainably

Global Trends in Sustainability Reporting: One Planet Coming Together Sustainably

Formal Training in Sustainability Issues and Strategies is now a requirement in Business


 As new trends are recorded in global commerce, one thing remains constant, that any professional working in business is now required to understand the concepts of Sustainability, as well as the methodologies for creating a strategy to be successful in a fast changing world.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - 7:03am

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Chicago, IL - February 23, 2010 - New research conducted at the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) confirms the hopes of many over the last 15 years, that issues of Sustainability will become a normal consideration when doing business. With much hard work by non-governmental organizations, business and government, the global business community is starting to understand the urgency for including Sustainability into their long term strategies, as well as report these strategies to their outside stakeholders. The following represents some of the findings of CSE:

-- Some form of Sustainability Reporting will supplement conventional environmental regulations and reporting, in the coming years

--Suppliers will now be targeted and brought in-line with the Sustainability efforts of their buyers, to support a more Sustainable Supply Chain

--A mixed pool of knowledge sources and their agendas, including groups in government, academia, and business, continue to muddy the definitions and concepts of Sustainability

--Regulation of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility in various regions of the world will now need to come together for the creation of more uniform frameworks

--Sustainability frameworks will continue to evolve to fit into current financial methodologies used for analyzing company performance, and perceived risks

--Government regulation of Sustainability issues is set to become the norm within the next five to ten years.

--Sustainability reporting frameworks, such as the GRI’s G3, will continue to add value to investors’ analysis as they highlight Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Vision, Brand Management, and Environmental and Social Risk reduction. It is becoming more accepted that conventional financial reporting represents a less complete picture of a company’s performance

--Sustainability reporting is now the norm with global companies reporting to stakeholders in various regions of the world, even though reporting in this fashion is still overwhelmingly voluntary

Corporate professionals are increasingly required to be aware of the issues of Sustainability and the proper systematic approach to address risks. The CSE’s CSR Practitioner’s workshop is certified by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), and is designed for all professionals responsible for the management of CSR, Marketing, and Public Relation activities. General Managers, Public Relations Managers and Sustainability and Environmental Professionals will advance their CSR understanding, acquire the skill and knowledge that will bring added value and authenticity to their company, and also earn an official business qualification. 

The ultimate goal of the CSE workshop in North America, on March 25-26th, is to provide the tools and training that will instill the growing importance of corporate social responsibility into company strategy and also help them demonstrate ethical business practices. This will in turn build corporate and community recognition in sustainable business through the examination of current best practices. With specialized, detailed and highly focused training, the CSE workshop will cover:

  • CSR & Sustainable Development Concepts

  • Global Warming & Climate Change Issues

  • Future trends & legislation in the U.S. & Worldwide on Corporate Responsibility

  • The Stakeholder Approach & CSR

  • CSR Communication & Reporting

  • Global Standards/Models/Guidelines & Tools for practical CSR integration (GRI, UN Global Compact, EFQM)

  • A CSR Action Plan for your organization (prerequisite for CSR practitioner Qualification)

To improve your organizations’ and/or institutions’ Sustainability and bring positive impact and added value for all stakeholders, enroll in CSE’s North American Workshop, March 25-26, at, contact Nick Andrews at 773-714-5065 or via e-mail at

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