GE’s New Ecomagination Chief: Green Tech Innovation Goes Global

GE’s New Ecomagination Chief: Green Tech Innovation Goes Global


Mark Vachon, Head of General Electric’s ecomagination, speaks of the importance of staying relevant and how opportunities are increasing globally in places such as China, Brazil and the Middle East.The green market is changing while governments all over the world invest billions in solar and wind energy, electric cars and battery technology. With the launch of the ecomagination Challenge, GE is researching ideas for the smart grid and other green technologies in order to continue expanding the green product range and investing in early stage start ups that show potential.

Friday, May 13, 2011 - 2:41pm

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Six months ago, Mark Vachon took over as head of General Electric’s ecomagination, the conglomerate’s $5 billion green technology and sustainability initiative. Tellingly, he says he’s spent about three-quarters of that time traveling outside the United States.

“As the whole global dynamic shifts to the fastest-growing economies not being here, it’s just a big wake-up call to stay relevant,” Vachon told me in a conversation at the Lux Executive Summit n Boston Monday evening. “There are huge opportunities in China, Brazil, the Middle East.”
“I did presentations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai,” he added. “It’s just fascinating to be in this fossil-fuel Mecca and be surrounded by this concerted effort to shift to renewables. That’s incredible.”
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Building GE's Ecomagination 'ecosystem' (Q & A)
BOSTON--In one respect, green-tech companies are realizing what IT manufacturers did many years ago: just selling a box will only go so far.
To get a high volume of products sold, technology suppliers need to combine hardware with software and with consulting services to solve a problem.
This idea of developing a "solution" around energy-related gear is high on the mind of Mark Vachon, vice president of Ecomagination at General Electric. To do that, there needs to be an "ecosystem," or network, of partners who can pull the various pieces together.
Launched six years ago, the Ecomagination initiative is essentially a business proposition stating that there will be greater and greater competition for natural resources, which will drive demand for renewable energy and goods that improve energy and water efficiency. In five full years, GE has made $70 billion from Ecomagination-tagged products, which can be everything from wind turbines to hybrid locomotives to electric car charging ports.
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