GE and StartUp Health Select 13 Companies For Its Three Year Health Entrepreneurship Program

May 14, 2013 12:00 PM ET
Campaign: Health at GE


Back in January, TechCrunch reported that GE would be partnering up with healthtech startup incubator StartUp Health and selecting 13 consumer healthcare startups (originally 10) to participate in a three year program designed to nurture and accelerate their growth. After a two month screening process, today they’re announcing those 13 finalists.

The application process, which began in January, took in more than 400 applications from 22 countries. The 13 companies that were selected will then be closely mentored by GE and StartUp Health over the next three years.

The companies will participate in the program for free, in exchange for 2 to 10 percent equity ownership by GE and StartUp Health’s Innovation Fund. They’ll each be partnered with a GE executive that will help them get in touch with experts and resources within GE. GE and StartUp health also promises that the selected companies will receive plenty of exposure to potential investors and VC’s.

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