The Future of Farming: Case IH Autonomous Tractor Concept

The Future of Farming: Case IH Autonomous Tractor Concept

The Case IH Autonomous Concept Tractor draws the crowds during the UK Premier at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Case IH presents as vision for the future of farming with its autonomous concept tractor

The FoS Future Lab aims to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists – and Case IH did just that with its autonomous concept tractor.

Friday, July 12, 2019 - 2:00pm

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Case IH, a global agricultural equipment brand of CNH Industrial, presented its vision for a possible future of farming: their autonomous concept tractor at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FoS), which took place in the UK. The autonomous concept tractor was on display at the FoS Future Lab exhibit, which is Goodwood’s technology and innovation pavilion, featuring dynamic, interactive content to inspire everyone from experienced industry audiences to younger FoS attendees – the next generation of scientists, inventors and explorers.

The Case IH autonomous concept tractor captivated the international audience, and showcased advanced farming technology and futuristic design.

This ground-breaking tractor is equipped with a range of technologies that are used for remote monitoring and control via a PC or tablet, meaning that once the tractor is in the field it can work completely independently, eliminating the need for a driver to observe operation, and so removing the need for a cab. Should the tractor encounter an obstacle it automatically stops, the owner is alerted, and the machine does not restart until camera feeds are checked and a decision on whether the tractor can continue is taken. It also offers the future potential to automatically adapt to weather events; for example, the tractor would stop automatically should it become apparent changeable weather would cause a problem, then recommence work when conditions have sufficiently improved. Alternatively, if on private roads, it can be sent to another field destination where conditions are better – where soils are lighter or there has been no rain, for example.

Key benefits of autonomous technology include the optimisation of farming operations, especially during tight weather windows, as the ACV can work around the clock with no variation in productivity. It also enables agribusinesses to both redeploy labour to value added tasks, as the ACV could conduct routine in-field activities, as well as helping businesses overcome the lack of skilled labour.

Although the ACV is still a concept, key technologies, which derives from the autonomous research and development program, have already been rolled out on currently-available Case IH equipment.

CNH Industrial is an official partner of the Goodwood Estate, providing a range of agricultural and construction machinery, as well as commercial vehicles to the Estate’s organic farm.

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