The Future of Elder Care

Hosted by Sonari Glinton
Jul 26, 2021 10:20 AM ET

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The pandemic has taken a terrible toll on elderly people and their caregivers but will it truly shift our thinking about the way we plan for old age? Sonari Glinton meets people finding solutions to help seniors and the people who care for them feel valued and supported.

Willie Wright is 63 and lives alone in Cleveland, Ohio. His daughter, Lauren, lives over 500 miles away in North Carolina. We listen in as they talk about the future and how they’ll manage as Willie gets older. Iris Yafuso-Toguchi relies on Kupuna Care, a Hawaian state program for caregivers, to keep her mother, Irene, at home and make ends meet. Registered nurse Rudy Sukna has spent 20 years working at one of the largest nursing homes in New York.  Despite staffing issues, dangerous working conditions, and losing patients to COVID, Rudy still believes nursing homes are a good option, especially with better staffing and care regulations. Finally, we meet Sylvia Mendoza, who struggled to find her late mother, Lupe, a nursing home that felt like home, until she discovered The Green House Project.

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