Forbes: National Grid Looks Past The Switch For Utility Innovation

Aug 10, 2015 12:00 PM ET
Campaign: Connect21
A community micro grid (image: National Grid)

This article originally published on Forbes

Most consumers probably think that electricity comes from a light switch or, as National Grid’s Ed White says, “Nobody wakes up and says thank goodness my utility invested in the necessary infrastructure to power my alarm clock.” 

White is helping lead the utility’s mission to innovate customer awareness as its vice president of New Energy Solutions and, by doing so, provide a unique and robust feedback mechanism into its technical, investment and regulatory activities.

The latest drivers of its effort are four projects, announced last month and intended to test not only what’s technically possible, but the requirements for user adoption and support. The REV Demonstration Projects (for “Reforming Energy Vision”) are under review by New York’s Public Service Commission.

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