Focusing on People and Diversity With Shanique Bonelli-Moore of Clorox

Mar 13, 2024 8:45 AM ET

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Originally published on Impact Podcast

Shanique Bonelli-Moore is chief diversity and social impact officer of The Clorox Company. In this role, which she assumed in July 2022, Bonelli-Moore leads all inclusion, diversity, equity and allyship initiatives. She also guides the strategy and execution of The Clorox Company Foundation’s charitable giving and employee community engagement programs.

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John: Welcome to another edition of the Impact Podcast. I’m John Shegerian. I’m so honored to have you with us today, Shanique Bonelli-Moore. She’s the Chief Diversity and Social Impact Officer for the Clorox Company. Welcome, Shanique to the Impact Podcast. 

Shanique Bonelli-Moore: Hello, John. So thrilled to be here. Thank you so much for having me. 

John: Well, I am honored to have you today. It’s Clorox’s first time on Impact after doing this for 17 years, and Clorox is such an American brand. We were talking a little bit offline when we were getting on, but just some of the brands that you guys own beyond Clorox, the great bleach that we grew up with that I grew up with, Pine-Sol, SOS, Glad, Hidden Valley Ranch, Kingsford briquets, and I take your Calm Magnesium that’s just among so many of the great brands that you guys represent. I’m just so honored to have you on today to be having this chat. Before we get going, though, I would just love you to share with our audience and our viewers a little bit about your backstory, Shanique. Where did you grow up, and how did you get on this fascinating journey that you’re on? 

Shanique: Absolutely. Thank you again. I grew up in a very, very small island St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I was born and raised there and didn’t move to the US mainland until I was 18. 

John: Wow. 

Shanique: When I think about my career in DEI, I think it really ties back and goes back to that early experience of living on a very small island and moving to the US at 18. I think about what they say, this idea of talent is equally distributed and access isn’t. When I think about my transport from the Virgin Islands to the mainland was an opportunity for me to be accessed, whether I was accessing information or knowledge or I was given opportunities. So when I think about this idea of access, I’m a product of that. I think that kept with me from my early beginnings to where I am now. I currently live in Los Angeles. I have two beautiful kids and an amazing husband. I’ve been at Clorox for the past, one and a half years, a very long career across corporate communications work and DEI spanning many different industries.

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