Focus on Corporate Citizenship Leadership

Leadership is key to effectiveness
Aug 14, 2012 10:45 PM ET

At the heart of advancing corporate citizenship is organizational change, and that change comes in many forms. Whether it's the creation of strategy, the development of management structures, systems and policies, engaging employees and senior management, aligning initiatives to support the business, or embedding corporate citizenship into the culture and fabric of the business - these are all change challenges faced by corporate citizenship professionals. But no matter which challenges they face, the ability to lead effectively is critical.

Strong leadership skills are important to managing any aspect of business, but corporate citizenship leadership poses unique challenges. Managers responsible for advancing corporate citizenship rarely have formal authority to direct people. They must operate by influence and by developing opportunities for mutual success with key counterparts in the organization. And to make this possible, they must be able to communicate effectively. The challenge is made all the more daunting by the fact that – generally speaking – too few people in the company understand what corporate citizenship is, how it can benefit the company, and what their role is or could be.

The Boston College Center’s Corporate Citizenship Leadership Academy is designed for executives who have strategic responsibilities within the corporate citizenship spectrum and are seeking to develop as a leader and increase their influence and effectiveness within their organization:

Corporate Citizenship Leadership Academy
Academy on-campus session begins October 29-November 2, 2012

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This is an in-depth, multi-phase program that begins with an interactive, weeklong workshop on the campus of Boston College, October 29 to November 2. The Academy explores aspects of leaders and leadership: power, influence, culture, politics, control within the context of the corporation and corporate citizenship.

Participants are taught by Carroll School of Management faculty, as well as content experts and practitioners in the fields of leadership, management, and corporate citizenship. After the weeklong on-campus session, the Academy continues off campus with five months of facilitated peer-to-peer distance learning that culminates in a Leaders’ Summit and complimentary attendance at the 2013 International Corporate Citizenship Conference in Boston.

The Corporate Citizenship Leadership Academy can help you develop into the kind of leader necessary to transform corporate citizenship in your organization. Click here for more information on the Academy, or email Karen O’Malley or call her at 617-552-1553.