FIRST Robotics Montreal festival begins today

Vigilant Global sponsors event and high-school robot build
Mar 16, 2012 1:30 PM ET

Vigilant Global Blog

The FIRST Robotics regional season has arrived. The weekend the team has been working towards is finally here. Countless hours for all: the organizing committee, the students, and mentors, means a successful first robotics festival. This is the first year Montreal hosts a regional and we have been graced with the presence of many FIRST Robotics ambassadors, including its founder, Dean Kamen.

Vigilant Global has sponsored the event through Youth Fusion the past two years but took a more prominent role this year as the final is in our very own city. We sponsored the event and a local high-school – which happens to be the high-school from which one of our co-founder’s graduated.  

The LCCHS team has been working overtime on their robot. There have been ups and downs and today was no different, but all issues have been resolved.

The point of the robotics event is to not only instill a love of learning among high-school students, but to open the door to the endless possibilities a future in technology and science can bring.

Learn more about the LCCHS robot build at