Finding Connection Through Volunteerism at NetSuite

NetSuite employee Bret Crosby shares how volunteerism at NetSuite helped him forge connections
Oct 20, 2016 6:25 PM ET

Finding Connection Through Volunteerism at NetSuite

When Bret Crosby joined NetSuite as a Solutions Consultant last August, he did so as a remote employee based in Phoenix.

While many people envy the perceived freedom and flexibility that working from home offers, Crosby said it can also be isolating. When you work remotely, you naturally miss out on the opportunity get to know your coworkers and feel a sense of camaraderie.

Soon after starting with NetSuite, Crosby said he started receiving emails promoting Global Impact Week, NetSuite’s annual week of service. Crosby saw Global Impact Week, a week-long celebration that encourages NetSuite employees to use their 16 hours of Volunteer-Time-Off (VTO), as a great way to both give back to his local community and get to know other remote employees in the Phoenix area.

For last year’s Global Impact Week, Crosby organized a volunteer event at St. Mary’s Food Bank, a nonprofit dedicated to alleviating hunger by collecting and distributing food throughout Arizona. Close to 10 remote employees participated in the event, working together sorting and packing food. After the event, the group went out to lunch, which Crosby said gave them more time to get to know one another.

For this year’s Global Impact Week, Crosby and 10 other remote employees spent the morning at a dining hall, prepping and preparing meals for the homeless. Like last year’s event, Crosby said it was an exciting opportunity to give back and bring together other remote employees to get to know each other better.

When it comes to choosing and organizing volunteer events, Crosby said he tries to find activities that are interactive and will give people the chance to talk as they work. He also said it’s been important to be proactive about communication, making sure other remote employees know about the event and feel included.

In between last year’s and this year’s Global Impact Weeks, Crosby and another remote employee have started holding quarterly happy hours. Each month they choose a new location around the Phoenix area and the happy hours are open to all remote employees.

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