Fighting for Health Equity: A Message From Quest Diagnostics' President and CEO

Fighting for Health Equity: A Message From Quest Diagnostics' President and CEO

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Monday, June 27, 2022 - 2:30pm

CAMPAIGN: Quest For Health Equity

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As a company dedicated to promoting a healthier world, Quest serves on the front lines in the fight against health disparities. Our sense of urgency increased soon after we introduced one of the first COVID-19 PCR tests, as we saw the disproportionate and devastating impact of the pandemic on underserved communities.

Compelled to act, we established Quest for Health Equity (Q4HE) to address structural inequities in healthcare and support individuals by providing access to testing and healthcare services. While COVID-19 was a major driver in our initial efforts, it is by no means the only focus of Q4HE. Since we launched Q4HE in 2020, we have addressed a range of systemic inequities in healthcare, including increasing access to diagnostic testing for diverse populations; funding education for individuals from underserved communities to pursue careers in healthcare; and addressing key health issues impacting communities of color, especially diabetes and hypertension.

These challenging times demand action. The more than $100 million we’ve committed to fund Q4HE marks the beginning of this critical initiative. However, in addition to funding, success requires a comprehensive approach focused on lasting positive impacts. In this report, you’ll f ind background about our efforts to create a more equitable healthcare landscape for all, along with stories about the partnerships we’ve built to drive the critical work of Q4HE forward.

As we look to the future of Q4HE, we will pursue more collaborations with organizations committed to making a difference in the health and lives of those with the greatest need. I’ve always believed companies that do well have an opportunity to do good, and I would argue that today, given what our world has been through, we have an obligation to do good.

Through Q4HE and the alliances we’re creating, we’re proud to meet this challenge head-on.

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