As Fashion Month Wraps Up, Victor Sandifer’s Run the World Reimagines the Future of Fashion With Narrative Magic

Sep 28, 2023 12:20 PM ET
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Victor Sandifer, Founder of Run The World

September 28, 2023 /3BL/ - Victor Sandifer is the creative genius behind Run The World, a groundbreaking product and experience company that seamlessly merges fashion and events to share captivating stories of history, culture, and radical thought. With a deep passion for storytelling and an innate understanding of the impact of narratives, Victor embarked on a mission to connect people with the world's most compelling stories in innovative and immersive ways.

His journey of entrepreneurial success is a testament to the power of mentorship and determination.

Reflecting on his journey, Victor shared, "I was born and raised in Oakland. Growing up, I did not see many businesses in my community owned by people who looked like me. Consequently I did not think entrepreneurship was an option for me until I entered the workforce and realized that a traditional job wasn't for me. Entrepreneurship has given me true freedom and purpose. I decided to join because I know how important it is to have like minded people in your circle to help you become successful."

In his pursuit of transforming Run The World into a thriving enterprise, Victor Sandifer found an exceptional mentor through Sky’s the Limit, Dr. Jennifer Bailey, an expert in risk management at PNC. Jennifer's career in the financial services sector and her commitment to community engagement made her the perfect match for Victor's vision.

Jennifer's background, including roles at renowned firms such as EY and PwC, as well as her experience at PNC, equipped her with valuable insights into strategy, culture, and analytics. Her previous involvement with franchise ownership and non-profit organizations added depth to her mentorship capabilities. As an adjunct professor at a local university's school of business, Jennifer also excelled in sharing knowledge and guiding aspiring entrepreneurs.

The collaboration between Victor Sandifer and Jennifer Bailey has been transformative. Together, they embarked on a mission to enhance Run The World's marketing efforts and pave the way for growth.

A pivotal moment in their mentorship journey involved brainstorming and crafting a groundbreaking marketing strategy for an upcoming Run The World collection. Jennifer's insights and guidance played a crucial role in developing a comprehensive marketing plan.

"Jennifer helped brainstorm and conceptualize a new marketing strategy for a new collection I was releasing. Creating and executing a fully flushed out marketing plan helped me increase my sales by 60%,” said Victor.

Victor attributes a significant part of his entrepreneurial success to Sky's the Limit, the organization that brought him together with Jennifer, and connected him with other mentors and resources. Victor received invaluable assistance in developing and refining his business plan and pitch deck for various competitions.

Bo Ghirardelli, Co-Founder & CEO of Sky’s the Limit, commends Victor's achievements, stating, "Victor’s journey embodies the essence of what Sky’s the Limit stands for – empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their full potential. We're immensely proud of Victor's accomplishments and the impact he's making through Run The World."

As he continues on his path to unlocking Run The World's full potential, Victor expresses heartfelt gratitude to his mentors, particularly Jennifer Bailey, for their unwavering support and guidance. With their collective efforts, Victor and Run The World have transcended boundaries, making history, culture, and radical thought accessible to all, while achieving remarkable business success.

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