Faces of Olive Garden | Ashley Nocks

Nov 10, 2016 1:55 PM ET
Meet Ashley Nocks, U.S. Army veteran and general manager of the Olive Garden restaurant in Gurnee, IL.

At Olive Garden, our team members serve as the faces of our brand and ambassadors of our core values. They make an impression on every guest who walks through our front doors, delivering great food, an engaging atmosphere and unmatched service. We are strong and successful because of our people, each with diverse talents and backgrounds, who respect each other and enjoy working side by side to serve our guests and communities.

Meet one of the Faces of Olive Garden, Ashley Nocks, general manager in Gurnee, IL. See here video Here.

Ashley Nocks, general manager of the Olive Garden in Gurnee, IL, served in the U.S. Army before joining Darden. For the first time in an interview, she was asked how her time in the U.S. Army translated to the civilian world, and she was impressed.

As a veteran, Ashley is appreciative of the support that Darden provides to those within the company who are still serving. "There have been managers still serving in the Reserve and Air National Guard who get deployed, go away and do their thing, and come back to a home where they pick up like they never left."

Providing all the support she can as general manager, Ashley has hired and worked side by side with veterans who have been through combat and other difficult situations.

"We were able to give them a job when they thought they weren’t hire-able and work around the disabilities that they were left with after serving our country, which is pretty phenomenal for a company."

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