Fabio Rosati on Sky's the Limit's ‘The First Buck’ Podcast: "Fundamental Truths of Entrepreneurism”

Jun 22, 2023 1:35 PM ET
Fabio Rosati on Sky's the Limit's ‘The First Buck’ Podcast
Fabio Rosati on Sky's the Limit's ‘The First Buck’ Podcast

SkysTheLimit.org, the leading digital platform empowering historically excluded entrepreneurs to pursue their business dreams, is thrilled to announce the newest episode of their inspiring podcast series, The First Buck. Hosted by Nic Cary, "Fundamental Truths of Entrepreneurism" gives listeners valuable insights from Fabio Rosati, Chairman at Snagajob, a platform revolutionizing the job market.

Fabio was previously CEO of Elance and Upwork, which Stephane Kasriel took public in 2018 (Nasdaq: UPWK). Throughout his illustrious career, Fabio has shaped the employment landscape through innovative solutions. He currently serves as a board member for several organizations, including Xometry, and remains passionate about the potential of innovative technology platforms.

In this episode, Fabio discusses the evolution of job search processes, the importance of embracing technology, and the significance of hiring employees whose values align with a company's culture. During the episode, listeners will:

  • Gain invaluable insights from Fabio's entrepreneurial journey
  • Discover how job search processes evolved in recent decades
  • Learn the importance of embracing technology platforms to connect employers with suitable candidates.

"Fundamental Truths of Entrepreneurism" is just one of many thought-provoking episodes in Sky's the Limit's The First Buck podcast series. Episodes drop on Wednesdays and feature prominent guests including Mary Mack, Fabio Rosati, Rick Wade, and many more, offering captivating stories, practical advice, and motivational insights for entrepreneurs and business leaders at every stage of their journey.

Hosted by Sky's the Limit Co-Founders, Nic Cary and Bo Ghirardelli, The First Buck podcast aims to inspire and equip entrepreneurs and business leaders at every stage of their journey. With each episode, listeners delve into the stories and insights from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who have made significant strides, discovering the pivotal moments when they earned their first buck. The podcast provides valuable knowledge, tools, and inspiration to help turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Nic Cary, a serial entrepreneur and lifelong technologist, brings a wealth of experience to The First Buck. As the Co-founder and President at Blockchain.com, Nic has raised over $300 million from leading investors. Named the European Digital Leader of the Year in 2015, Nic is also the Founding Commissioner of the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development and co-authored the book The Future is Decentralised. He’s been featured in the New York Times, TEDx, NPR, Financial Times, Forbes, and many more.

Bo Ghirardelli, the Co-Founder & CEO at Sky's the Limit, brings a wealth of experience in small business development to the podcast. Bo's background includes multiple entrepreneurial ventures that have created 100+ jobs and he has personally supported over 150 early-stage, underrepresented entrepreneurs over the past decade. Besides co-founding Sky’s the Limit, he also launched two businesses abroad, including Youth Cooperative in Agriculture, an award-winning social enterprise that provides jobs and access to scarce proteins in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco.

Tune in to The First Buck - “Fundamental Truths of Entrepreneurism" on Spotify, iTunes, and wherever you listen to podcasts – to gain the tools, insights, and motivation needed to thrive in the dynamic world of business.

Learn more about The First Buck podcast here.

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