Even More Benefits to Tracking Outcomes

Outcomes = Opportunity
Sep 1, 2016 1:00 PM ET

MicroEdge + Blackbaud | Even More Benefits to Tracking Outcomes

MicroEdge + Blackbaud outcomes expert Michelle DiSabato has helped us understand the role that outcomes measurement plays in driving collaboration between funders and grantees. While these are the primary benefits of tracking and reporting on outcomes for foundations and nonprofits, there are other benefits that can help all types of organizations become more effective. 

This article written by MicroEdge + Blackbaud Vice President of Product Management and Business Development, Charlie Vanek, explores how the other aspects of tracking outcomes can help your organization succeed. From enhanced decision making and improved funding to commercial success, the payoff of outcomes measurement is ever expanding and applies to all organizations and corporations. 

As we continue on our shared outcomes journey, we will uncover and share more about the key ways various philanthropists and their nonprofit partners benefit not only from the crisp measuring, tracking and reporting of outcomes to stakeholders, but the ways in which their organization’s effectiveness is improved. The fun is just beginning!

Read the full article here to learn how tracking outcomes can improve your organization. 

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