Essity 2023 Annual and Sustainability Report: Breaking Barriers to Well-Being

Sustainability in Brief
May 23, 2024 9:45 AM ET
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Breaking Barriers to Well-being

Our purpose is breaking barriers to well-being for the benefit of consumers, patients, caregivers, and customers across the globe. As well as for the benefit of society and the planet.

We aim to break through and overcome the barriers that stand in the way of improving people’s well-being and enabling a healthier and more sustainable society. Our purpose tells the story of our company, our employees, our products and services, our actions, and initiatives – and the sustainable value we create for people, business, and planet, today and for the future.

Global challenges such as climate change, increased waste, biodiversity loss and social exclusion are high on agendas across the world. As a global, leading hygiene and health company, Essity plays an important role in leading change together with our customers and partners.

Contributing to a sustainable society is imperative to us. Essity is breaking barriers to well-being by enhancing solutions, making them available to more people and reducing their environmental impact.

The name Essity stems from the words “essentials” and “necessities”. Hygiene and health are the essence of well-being.  As a global, leading hygiene and health company, we offer products and services that are essential to people’s everyday lives.  That is why we are called Essity.

Read more about Essity’s strategic priorities, earnings and leading sustainability work in the Annual and Sustainability Report 2023, which can be downloaded at