Ericsson Celebrates Diversity at Stockholm Pride

Ericsson Celebrates Diversity at Stockholm Pride

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022 - 1:25pm

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Last week Ericsson was part of Stockholm Pride. Ericsson employees, together with friends and families, marched with a spectacular rainbow float, sending across our message of diversity & inclusion.

At Ericsson we believe that creating an inclusive culture where everybody can feel free to be themselves drives performance, innovation and succeed for individuals and for our company.

#LoveIsLove and our work only becomes more valuable with diverse perspectives. We will not miss a day to celebrate that!

On Saturday we had a fantastic time in the Pride Parade, celebrating and sharing our message of diversity & inclusion, all powered by our rainbow truck, our rainbow banners and flags and, most important of all Team Ericsson at its best.

Happy #Pride for everyone!