Environmental Stewardship Creates a Ripple Effect

Environmental Stewardship Creates a Ripple Effect

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Monday, May 19, 2014 - 12:00pm


At Goldcorp, we are finding ways to continually improve our performance when it comes to protecting the environment and preserving precious resources. Last year, every one of our employees was invited to participate in a contest to come up with a tagline that exemplifies our values as a Company, while also inspiring us personally to epitomize environmental stewardship - on the job, at home and in our communities. 

We wanted something memorable and symbolic to represent our collective responsibility while reinforcing individual effort. We put the call out to employees via a contest named ‘The Ripple Effect,’ which speaks to Goldcorp’s commitment to multiply our positive impact overall, as well as our resourceful water-saving initiatives, including:

1) our long-standing support for the World Wildlife Fund, and participation in their North American Water Footprint Study to gain deeper knowledge and help us reduce water consumption in every region where we operate

2) water conservation at our mine sites, most notably Marlin, which has achieved a water recycling rate of 97%

3) our commitment to environmental excellence, like at  Peñasquito, where we found a new source of well water that is refining processes and improving efficiencies

Thanks to amazing employee participation and creative submissions, the winning tagline is “Our Planet. Our Choices. Our Legacy.” It summarizes Goldcorp’s dedication to leave the planet prospering for future generations through responsible choices and unified actions. It underpins the shared consciousness that every one of us, at all levels and operations, is a member of the Goldcorp environmental team.

Jerry Danni, VP Environment, says the tagline really hits home. “It’s particularly important to me because it was developed by employees. It is a reflection of how Goldcorp employees go about their work and daily lives in terms of ensuring they leave a positive legacy.” Darryl O’Neill, Director of the Global Supply Chain, agrees: “As a miner, I want my kids to look back and be proud of what I do. As this planet has more issues, every little bit we do matters.”

The logo developed to accompany the slogan is a an earth-shaped fingerprint, representing the individual imprint that each of us leaves on our planet, coloured blue to represent water.

Goldcorp distributed stickers to all our mine sites and encouraged employees to prominently place them at work and in their homes, and document how they make positive environmental choices each day. The result was a creative, collaborative collection of photos and videos, which we’ve put together for you here.

Please watch our video and join us as we spread the Ripple Effect.  “Our Planet. Our Choices. Our Legacy.”

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